The Team

14526609183_3613eccf5f_oThe team started as a small organisation privately teaching and collecting military equipment with over a century of experience just from the management team alone, we take pride in everything that we do and try our utmost to make sure everything is original and authentic or to the highest quality standard.

The team is led by Bradley Cooper whom started collecting at the age of 7 training with the Acorn Gunners then part of the initial team that Started Battle For Europe – one of Europe’s leading world war two re-enactment teams where he trained and became a commanding officer and still commands this unit, whilst re-enacting Bradley also did training with the army and became part of several other groups making sure he had training in all sorts of areas and became a full time actor before moving into the education industry.

Other team members include serving and ex serving soldiers, mechanics, dancers, carers, teachers, graphic designers and much more allowing to pull the resources together and work as a team each bouncing off each other. The team is a close knit group of friends and associates- dedicated and passionate which is one of the reasons we do so well and work so efficiently.