Our values

Our company prides it self not only good customer service but being able to keep history alive for our future generations to come in not only teaching but preserving the original artefacts. We are also steeped in our green values which we have learned from our past. If we take a look at our past we see far less waste, natural products rather than additives and a fitter body due to the amount of work that they had to do. If we can combine the 21st centuries social and acceptance polices, combined with natural a way of living with our environment and rely less on technology then we can see a fare, balanced and far happier life for everyone.

The Human race has been trying to over power nature for many years and our way of living has destroyed our landscapes and added to global warming ( which is a natural process ). We must understand nature and its natural process cycle and live alongside it rather than against it, If we use natural materials we must plant new ones and the ones we have used we can repair and re-use until no more and then return it to nature to degrade and be recycled, unlike our modern throw away culture such as shoes – man made plastics, that get made in a factory by a robot and get worn thrown away and go into a dump – filling up our countryside, if we were to use natural materials like leather ( which the cow gets looked after, humanely killed and every part used and not wasted) the shoes or boots can be made by a skilled worker – thus creating a job, worn and when needed, repaired to last another few years and once they have finally had there day, returned to the ground to decompose and no trace is left and been recycled, with no pollutants or visual impacts.