What We Offer

14404545191_c542bbb43c_oThe Historical Display Team has a variety of opportunities and services on offer in order for us to pass on our knowledge and help teach about Britain’s military past but making it enjoyable for all the family by making it a hands on experience meaning it sticks in the memory more than just reading a board and looking at objects through a pane of glass. The crew work hard to bring history to you front door whether it be at a school or a corporate event team building but learning how a soldier works and trains.

Each package is tailored to the customer depending on certain things listed below- for example a primary school won’t want as in depth knowledge as someone who has come for training to get into the industry themselves and as for shows they may require vehicles or want a weapons display where also a payment of ammunition is required.

What to consider

  • Age of audience (i.e. teenagers or a variety of ages)
  • Number of audience (whether it be a class or an event of 10,000 people)
  • Period in time (First World War etc)
  • Type of service (lecture, display, acting, dancing)
  • Length of service (hourly or daily e.g. weekend)
  • Any extras/ Other


The cost on each service depends on what is needed and the length of time among other elements but below is a guidance list, so please contact us bearing the price of an enquiry.


Full Activity day (average 6 hours)    – £30 per head     (under 11 Y.O.A  £15 per head)

1 hours talk                                             – £100

1 day film as extra                               – £120

Displayof equipment                          – POA

1-2 days re-enactment                          – POA

Other services – Please enquire.