Set packages (these also can be tailored)

  • Team building day
  • Events re-enactment
  • Display and lecture
  • Training day
  • Activity day
  • Equipment and display

Basic school world war two activity day

  • Talk and induction (learn about the days activities and basics of wartime Britain)
  • Team selection process (moving into sections allowing for some competitiveness)
  • Which uniform fits (find out the best role and service that suits you)
  • Circuit training (basic soldiers physical training)
  • Test of skills (testing the basic skills needed to be a soldier)
  • Map reading and making (learn some basic map skills needed to survive)
  • Field craft (field craft skills such as shelter building and concealment)
  • Marching (learn how to move like a soldier)
  • Mathematics (basic mathematics that a soldier would need)
  • Science (useful elements of science that could help you out in the field)
  • Food technology (looking at rationing and nutrition)
  • English (looking at poetry and how communication is key)
  • Talk and Q&A  (summary and look at equipment with time to answer any questions)

(Primary and secondary schools also receive a complimentary hamper which includes a variety of wartime items)